Poetry in Yarn At the Bakery Crochet Pattern Booklet and PDF Giveaway

Lindsey of Poetry in Yarn recently sent me a copy of her new pattern booklet to check out and I wanted to share it with you here today. Lindsey said we could do one better than just a review so one lucky winner is going to get their own PDF download of the booklet.

About Lindsey and Poetry in Yarn

From her website, we learn:

Lindsey Stephens is a crochet designer and Professional Member of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) as well as a member of The National Needlearts Association (TNNA). She has had her designs published in a national magazine as well as by yarn companies, and has taught needle arts and crafting classes in a variety of venues. Lindsey learned to crochet while on a three day road trip when her family relocated from her home state of Texas to Connecticut. When she first arrived in Connecticut, Lindsey owned 2 skeins of yarn. She has been steadily adding to her stash ever since. Poetry in Yarn is the result of Lindsey’s love of expression and experimentation in fiber arts and her desire to share her discoveries with others.

I love the way that she describes that – how she creates pattern so share her “love of expression and experimentation in fiber arts” with others. What a great way to describe what a crochet designer does!
Lindsey offers regular crochet patterns as well as Tunisian crochet patterns and she also has patterns for knitters. Her patterns are sold through her own website as well as through Ravelry.

At The Bakery Crochet Pattern Book

Lindsey’s new crochet pattern booklet is called At the Bakery and subtitled: 6 Crocheted Designs Inspired by Pie. What a great fun idea for a compilation of projects around a favorite food for the holidays. And indeed, the patterns in the book would make great holiday gifts to put under the tree this year although they would also work all year round.

crochet scarf 400x300 Poetry in Yarn At the Bakery Crochet Pattern Booklet and PDF Giveaway

The six crochet patterns in this book are:

  • A crochet scarf inspired by sugar and candy. Lindsey says that there is a bit of a wavy edge to this pattern “just like a classic candy wrapper”.
  • A crochet blanket inspired by blackberry pie. I love the textured stitches worked up with a large size hook on this one!
  • A crochet hat and matching fingerless gloves inspired by cinnamon sticks. What a great inspiration but the color choice will surprise you! Lindsey is anything but predictable.
  • A crochet pillow with great intarsia post stitch vines. At first I wondered what vines had to do with pie. I was thinking perhaps that pie shops often have flowers or gardens associated with them. But then Lindsey explains that this piece was inspired “by leaf designs often seen on pie crusts.
  • Low-rise crochet socks “inspired by the vents made in the tops of baking pies”. Creative! Crochet socks are hot right now – have you made any yet?
crochet texture blanket 400x300 Poetry in Yarn At the Bakery Crochet Pattern Booklet and PDF Giveaway
Some additional important things for you to know about this new crochet pattern book:
  • Each pattern includes photos, a description, a diagram, row-by-row instructions, materials information and notes to help you complete the piece.
  • This crochet pattern booklet is available for download as a whole book but it is also possible to purchase just the individual patterns from Lindsey as well. They are available on Ravelry.

Enter the Giveaway

You can enter now to win your own PDF copy of Lindsey’s new crochet pattern booklet. Entering is easy – just leave a comment on this post answering the following fun question:

What is your favorite kind of pie and what item would you crochet inspired by your choice?

You can get extra entries by doing the following things (one per entry) and just leave me a second comment on this post telling me all of your extra entries with links to where I can find them to confirm. The extra entry options are:

This giveaway will be open until Monday November 26th at noon PST. Entries open to anyone and the winner will be selected at random. Entries that do not include a link back showing that the entry was completed will be disqualified. Entries that don’t answer the giveaway question will be disqualified.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Poetry in Yarn At the Bakery Crochet Pattern Booklet and PDF Giveaway

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