October 2012 Celebrity and Designer Crochet Roundup

I couldn’t find many reports of crochet on celebrities or runways in October. It’s just not a good month for it I guess. Here were the few mentions I did see. If you saw any that I missed please feel free to leave a mention in the comments below!

Designer Crochet

Argentinian designer Agostina Bianchi is doing a lot of amazing stuff with crochet for the Spring Summer 2013 collection. Spotted this one thanks to Outstanding Crochet.

New spring crochet threadwork and rhinestone collar necklaces by Venessa Arizaga.

Balmain’s Spring Summer 2013 collection had some amazing pieces. On closer examination, I don’t think that they are actually crocheted, but they look like they are, and I so love the inspiration!

Celebrity Crochet

Swedish model Victoria Svidstet in what looks to be an orange crochet bikini


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  1. Te recomiendo que mires ” delasbolivianas” en facebook o busca en google son argentinas y en mi paĆ­s, Uruguay mira ” chouet handmade spirit ” .- saludos

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