Harriette Cole’s 108 Stitches Luxury Crochet Collection

Hariette Cole has launched a luxury crochet collection that I adore. I’m also adoring the name, 108 stitches, or more accurately the reason behind the name …

108 Stitches: Crochet as Meditation

In an interview with Huffington Post the designer said that she named the collection 108 stitches because of her strong belief in the power of meditation. She mentions that she’s been practicing meditation for twenty years and uses a meditation necklace, called a mala, made up of 108 beads. The meditation is a core part of her life and many of her designs are 108 stitches wide as a way to incorporate the meditation into her work. She notes that she, like many others, finds crochet to be a meditative experience, something I talk about a lot in my book, Crochet Saved My Life. See a simple mindfulness exercise for crocheters. Cole says each creation in her collection is a meditation on love.

The Collection

misty copeland crochet 400x250 Harriette Coles 108 Stitches Luxury Crochet Collection

Hariette Cole’s collection is a new one and it’s designed as a luxury crochet line. She uses a really diverse range of natural fibers for a truly creative collection. The fibers include “cashmere, alpaca, mohair, silk, bamboo, stainless steel, suede, linen, viscose and Japanese boiled wool.” (source) She has also worked with mercerized cotton and even paper. I love that she uses some of my favorite luxury fibers but also isn’t afraid to play around with new materials. Crochet should be play! She talks a little in an interview with CraftFoxes about what it was like for her working with suede, an unusual material to crochet with.

The Model

harriette cole luxury crochet 400x623 Harriette Coles 108 Stitches Luxury Crochet Collection

American Ballet Theatre soloist Misty Copeland was chosen as the face of the brand and is the model featured in the photos of the designer’s crochet work. The designer met Misty while working with Prince on his Welcome2America tour. That’s right, prior to her career as a crochet designer Hariette Cole worked for decades in media for publications like Essence and shows like The Today Show.

There’s a Book on the Way

designer crochet 400x688 Harriette Coles 108 Stitches Luxury Crochet Collection

In her Huffington Post interview the designer said:

“My line is a luxury brand that I hope will be available in luxury boutiques and stores across the country. Every time people touch them and try them on, it makes them happy. It’s funny, 108 Stitches HARRIETTE COLE COLLECTION is very much a reflection and culmination of my life’s work to-date. I have devoted my life to inspiring people to be confident and clear about who they are and how they can best navigate their lives. I continue to offer presentation and leadership training to support people in fulfilling their life’s journey. Through 108 Stitches, I am also documenting people’s stories of how they are manifesting their greatness. How? Well, there’s a book on the way. Stay tuned.”

You know that I absolutely love individual stories (something reflected in my own new book) especially if they’re about the power of the individual’s own self so I’d be super interested in seeing such a book when it’s available.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Harriette Coles 108 Stitches Luxury Crochet Collection

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