Decluttering: I’m Drowning in Crochet

Decluttering is something that I do pretty regularly around here. I constantly like to get rid of the old to make room for the new. Lately it’s my collection of crocheted items that really need to be decluttered!

I Love Decluttering

I have to confess that I love getting rid of things. I think I love scouring the house for items to give away more than I even like getting new items. I’m not sure where this comes from (both of my parents are collectors in their own way) but it’s a hallmark of how I’ve been for awhile now. There’s just something about the process that really works for me. It’s not actually about getting rid of things so much as experiencing this sense of physical letting go that leads to a sort of mental letting go. It allows me to move on to the next thing. Often before I start a creative project I naturally drift towards physical decluttering. When I clear my space, I’m usually ready to start a new creative endeavor with a magically cleared mind. I love this.

Items I Often Declutter

I declutter at least several times per year. I usually only tackle a certain type of item (books, for example) about once a year. I don’t ever plan this out; it just kind of happens. Other than books, some of the things I love to declutter and give away are:

  • Clothes
  • Handmade items
  • Craft supplies
  • Magazines
  • Paperwork/ notebooks

The Current Mess

crochet stash Decluttering: Im Drowning in Crochet

I crochet almost every day so I have A LOT of crocheted items in my home. Plenty of it is staying. There are all of the crochet scarves I wear which are hung together on a hallway wall. There is a full drawer and part of a closet of crochet garments and accessories I wear. And there are lots of crocheted items decorating my house.

But there are also a lot of crochet items that don’t need to stay. Or that need updating if they’re going to stay. For example, the gorgeous crochet tote bag I you see above, which I found in a thrift store, is useless to me because the handles are super uncomfortable. I want to add new crochet straps to make this a grocery bag. So it’s the declutter pile because it has a “to be done” note on it.

Other things in this pile are things that I once loved but no longer use. That pillow is one of my first crochet pillows and I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of it. It’s just simple crochet cotton but it was one of the first things I crocheted using back loop only ribbed stitches and I adore it. That said, it doesn’t match my current house and I never use it and it’s really time for it to move on to another home.

And then there are things there that are finished or mostly finished and just need a home – blankets, accessories I don’t wear, etc. Those will be decluttered in the form of gifts to others or donations to charity. I’ve just gotta sit down and do that now!

Surmounting My Stash

At the beginning of this year I made a detailed plan to surmount my stash. Although I haven’t stuck to my month-to-month goals for that I’ve mostly succeeded in meeting the overarching goals I set. Various aspects of decluttering were among those goals so this helps me stay on track with that as we get towards the end of the year!

How often do you declutter?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Decluttering: Im Drowning in Crochet

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