Crochet Link Love: Best Posts of the Week

Of all of the posts I read this week in the crochet blogging world, these were the ones I loved the most. Check them out now if you missed them the first time around.

Something Special

Giveaway: JD @CraftGossip is giving away a copy of a unique crochet pattern book by Thata Pang that isn’t available in the US. Deadline to enter (via comment on Craft Gossip) is 10/31.

Smart Crochet Words

Beautiful Crochet Works

crochet granny square blanket 400x300 Crochet Link Love: Best Posts of the Week

Little Tin Bird works magic with granny squares; lots of terrific photos of this finished piece on her blog.

crochet ripple blanket 400x265 Crochet Link Love: Best Posts of the Week

JJCrochet finished up a terrific crochet ripple blanket; again lots more photos on her blog.

crochet potholder 400x300 Crochet Link Love: Best Posts of the Week

Sew Ritzy Ritzy crocheted this layered star patchwork potholder

crochet lamp 400x300 Crochet Link Love: Best Posts of the Week

Lovely little crochet lamp from Chez Facile Cecile; see more crochet lamps here.

crochet edging paintings 400x266 Crochet Link Love: Best Posts of the Week

Creative Carmelina has created beauty again, this time doing lovely acrylic paintings that are edged in natural-hued crochet.

Crochet “How To”

New Crochet Patterns

  • Ta-Tas Bear. CrochetKitten has republished a free crochet pattern from a few years ago for an adorable little crochet bear. Could be a cute one to add to your Christmas makes list.
  • Easy Crochet Cowl Pattern. I love crocheting cowl and think this free pattern from Just-Do is a nice one.
  • Digging Your Own Grave. A free Halloween-themed crochet pattern from Croshame.
  • 10 More Free Crochet Owl Patterns. A roundup of fun free patterns from Moogly.
  • Crochet Pine Cone Collection. Super cute new set of six crochet pine cone patterns available for sale from @planetjune. Nice project for fall home decorating or even to make for this year’s Christmas tree.
  • Crochet Canned Goods Patterns. Crochet n Play explains, “I’ve redesigned my Canned Goods pattern by making the items a little smaller so that they are the right size for play kitchens and grocery stores.” The crochet patterns are available in the seller’s Etsy store.

Crochet Interviews

Crochet Video of the Week

Crochet artist Mandy Greer talks about her process. This video is a few years old but I’m enjoying revisting this week.


  • Mini Lion Brand Shop Tour. @donnasdecembers takes us with her to check out the new mini Lion Brand shop opened in an AC Moore store.
  • Skein, Ball, Hank? @freshstitches demystifies the various names of how yarn is bundled for us, including a few terms I didn’t know myself.
  • Ruffle Yarn Review. @planetjune looks at novelty ruffle yarns for us

Other Things

  • Creative Altruism. Jafabrit discusses craft activism and how it doesn’t have to mean being loud or joining a group; it can just mean recycling plastic bags with crochet and knitting or sharing art in a public space including a blog.
  • Crochet Boutique. Smile and Wave reviewed this crochet book that’s been making the blog rounds and is full of goodness.
  • Adding Value to Handmade. This was a TweetChat that I participated in; the link is to a roundup of what we all had to say.

Special Thanks

Have a terrific rest of your weekend. Happy reading!

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