Bahamian Actress Launches Crochet Line

Leah Eneas is a beautiful actress from The Bahamas who has recently launched her own crochet line called Late Bloomers.

About Leah

late bloomer crochet 400x245 Bahamian Actress Launches Crochet Line

Lean Eneas is a Bahamian actress who got attention in 2010 for a movie called Beneath the Blue. The movie is about saving dolphins that are being harmed by military researchers. Leah plays a character named Duvey.

About Late Bloomers

This year Leah launched her crochet line, which is called Late Bloomers.

crochet beach cover up 400x325 Bahamian Actress Launches Crochet Line

She was interviewed by The Bahamas Weekly, where she revealed that she learned to crochet from her grandmother when she was nine. She’d wanted to learn two years before but grandma thought she was too young. (Which isn’t the case – kids as young as three and four can begin to learn the basics of crochet!)

crochet dress 400x533 Bahamian Actress Launches Crochet Line

She sells garments and accessories and will make custom items. She originally was just crocheting clothes for herself but she kept getting requests from people and decided it was time to start a business. She eventually wants to do more couture crochet clothing and also to develop a men’s line.

umbrella crochet Bahamian Actress Launches Crochet Line

One of the items I really love is her crochet umbrellas, designed to block just a little bit of that great Bahamas sunshine.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Bahamian Actress Launches Crochet Line

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