If Only Doctors Prescribed Crochet … Guest post and discussion question …

I recently did a guest post on the Stitch and Unwind blog about my new book, Crochet Saved My Life. I wanted to share a quick excerpt from that post with you here:

“Imagine if you went to your doctor with an ailment and she took out her prescription pad and wrote you an order for one G-sized crochet hook, an indulgent skein of baby alpaca yarn and an hour of downtime. In these days of pharmaceutical company reps and health insurance mandates it’s probably not going to happen but the truth of the matter is that crochet might be just as healing for many people as popping a pill, going to a fifty minute therapy session or visiting the holistic healer for alternative medications. Crochet offers chemical, physical and emotional benefits that can help heal conditions as diverse as fibromyalgia and schizophrenia.”

Read the full guest post here.

Let’s open it up for discussion: What would you think if your doctor prescribed you an hour of crochet per day? Answer honestly in the comments below.

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