The Best Crochet Blog Posts of the Week (Link Love!)

I am always so impressed by the wonderful crochet information and items shared around the web each week. Here were this week’s favorites:

Something Special

A Creative Being is hosting a CAL for the beautiful overlay crochet mandala. The crochet pattern, which is sold on Etsy by CAROCreated, was definitely one of my favorites when I did my recent mandala crochet pattern roundup.

Smart Crochet Words

Beautiful Crocheted Creations

Suz Place made the cutest Kindle bags using the Interlocking Block Crochet Stitch. This is one version but you can click through to see others on her blog.

Chez Facile Cecile has a beautiful new twist on crochet-covered stones

Bigunki, one of my favorite Spanish crochet blogs, has crocheted big puffy letters for the whole alphabet

Crochet How Tos

New Crochet Patterns

Best Crochet Videos of the Week

I saw this video about Ming-Yi Sung (who I previously profiled here) over on Crafty Crafty this week.

Olek’s crochet camo characters in a Polish rap video via @Knithacker


Other Things

  • SIBOL blanket deliveries. Sue over at SIBOL collecets knit and crochet squares to make beautiful blankets for the elderly. In this post she talks more about that and I really enjoyed learning why she does what she does. There was another good post about donating to charities this week from Crochet Cabana who reminds us that there are scammers out there and provides some helpful tips for making sure that the places you donate your handmade items to are legit.
  • Crochet is More Popular Than Paper Crafts. At least that was the case in the face-off done over as part of the Fave Crafts Crafty-lympics.
  • Congrats to Crochet with Cris. She won first place at her state fair for her crochet afghan.
  • Crochet haiku. Love this little poem from Toni Rexroat of @CrochetMe. There’s actually a haiku contest happening at Interweave. Click through to the post to find out how to enter to win some yarn. Here’s another haiku from Aberrant Crochet.

And Some Special Thanks

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  1. You’re very welcome Kathryn. Thanks for sharing all that you do. :)

  2. What great sites! I have long been a fan of SIBOL. Such beautiful afghans she has put together and with such love and care. I will have to pass by those sites I’m not familiar with. Thanks for the mention and for your work in gathering these links for us. Very useful.

  3. What great sites! I have long been a fan of SIBOL. She has put together beautiful afghans with such love and care. I will have to have a look at those sites I’m not familiar with. Thanks for the mention and for your work in gathering these links for us. Very useful.

  4. Hi thanks for the mention, the bag has been a real favourite, thank you for mentioning me
    May I ask for a bit of help, today’s post is a request for help with the book, if anyone has time to ask a question they would like answering about Colour Design and Inspiration a chapter the publisher liked what i had done and wants more.
    There will be a give away for the help
    Thanks Sue

  5. Thanks for including us again! Your picks never cease to amazing me.

  6. Well, I know how I’ll spend the rest of my day now! Quick question for Kathryn-tell the truth-do you ever sleep?

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