Crochet Link Love: Best Posts of the Week

If you missed these crochet blog posts throughout the week you’ll want to check them out now! The best posts of our craft from around the web:

Something Special

Win 5000 feet of yarn and practice the Crocodile Stitch. There’s a creativity challenge and contest going on hosted by The Crochet Crowd. Entries accepted through September 30th. Learn more here.

Crochet and Health

I’m hosting a giveaway of my new book, Crochet Saved My Life. To enter you need to share your thoughts on craft as a healing tool on your blog (or Facebook if you don’t have a blog). There have been some amazing entries:

  • Dani Does Doilies tells us how crochet helps her deal with family dementia.
  • Love, Hope, Trust says crochet is good for her and for those around her.
  • Amazon with a Hook shares how crochet helps with her multiple health conditions.
  • Lizzie Kate shared, “Being on the autistic spectrum, there is a necessity to have repetitive action to calm down, zone out, get grounded, chillax. Crochet offers that repetition in a very socially acceptable way.”

Smart Crochet Words

  • Front Loops, Back Loops, Both Loops. @planetjune has a smart detailed post, with photos and video, about crocheting through different loops.
  • A Pigment of your Imagination. @CrochetMe shares information on how to choose and use color generators for designing your own projects.
  • That Girl. @CrochetToday has a set of crochet items inspired by “That Girl”. This post shows how inspiration becomes products. Creative.
  • Tween Finds Self-Esteem in Crochet. A Little Vintage shares a great story about how her eleven-year-old turned a negative school situation into a positive one with crochet.
  • Review: Crochet in a Day for Baby. Cute Crochet Chat reviews this book by Candi Jensen of twenty adorable crochet patterns for babies.

Crochet Artists at Work

Several crochet artists have new work or new features about them this week:

gooseflesh crochet art 400x533 Crochet Link Love: Best Posts of the Week

New from Gooseflesh who says: “The ossedax (bone-eating snot flowers) collection is expanding.” Eek!

creepy crochet doll Crochet Link Love: Best Posts of the Week

Spanish crochet blog Las Teje y Maneje has done a post about the crochet dolls by Blood of Bee. Creepy but cute; I think I’ll have to share more about this artist soon myself!

crochet coffee art Crochet Link Love: Best Posts of the Week

New from Kate of Cardigan: crochet coffee and pretzel for New York

And a new video from Xenobia Bailey

Crochet How Tos

Best New Crochet Patterns

Other Stuff

And Some Special Thanks This Week

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