Painted Bird Crochet Shoes

There is a new brand of crochet shoes on the market, sold through a Southern California based company called Painted Bird. Their style is all about beachy color with trendy style that they call “chic and easy”.

About Painted Bird

colorful crochet shoes Painted Bird Crochet Shoes

Painted Bird is a brand new company that just launched this summer. It is a collaboration between interior design business owner Jennifer Samson, surfwear designer Nicole Halpern and a small manufacturer in India. The idea seems to be to suit the needs of a customer who wants to look effortless wonderful, express unique individual style and support the work of artisan crafters. (Source credit: I first learned about these shoes from an article at LA Times Blogs.)

About the Crochet Shoes

From the Painted Bird website: “Each pair of Painted Bird shoes are like beautiful jewels for your feet. They are artisan crafted, hand crocheted shoes resulting in a product that is altogether exquisite and unique as well as incredibly comfortable.”

Painted Bird’s crochet shoes are made with rayon/silk yarn and include a leather insole and rubber sole. They have two different styles of crochet shoes for their summer collection:

painted bird crochet shoes1 400x215 Painted Bird Crochet Shoes

The Crochet Flat. These come in numerous colors and patterns. This particular style is called Starlit.

crochet shoes Painted Bird Crochet Shoes

The Ankle Strap also comes in various colors and patterns. This one is called Forest.

From what I can tell it seems that you can get each color/pattern in either style of crochet shoe.

Why Buy Crochet Shoes Instead of Making Them

crocheted shoes Painted Bird Crochet Shoes

Many of the people who read this blog are crocheters who would rather craft their own work from patterns than buy someone else’s crochet. While I understand this, I think it often doesn’t apply to crochet shoes. Unless you’re making around-the-house slippers, you want to make sure that your shoes have sturdy soles and offer comfortable walk-ability. It’s not impossible to do that DIY, of course, but it’s tougher than many things you’d crochet at home. If you like crochet shoes and you’re on Pinterest, you can check out my crochet shoes Pin board.

Do you agree that it’s preferable to buy crochet shoes than to make them?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Painted Bird Crochet Shoes

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