Can You Spot the Crochet in Rohit Bal’s Resort Show?

There was a reference to crochet in almost every write-up that I saw about Indian fashion designer Rohit Bal’s 2012 Resort collection runway show. I’ve looked at various pictures online and watched the video below several times and I just can’t spot anything that I feel like I can confirm is crochet. So I turn to you … do you see it?

I see a lot of lacy work and a lot of openwork “cutouts” but I don’t see anything that looks like crochet. Sometimes the media gets it wrong, of course, but it seems odd that there would be so many references to it if it wasn’t in there somewhere. After all, most of the journalists are working off of press releases that come from someone affiliated with the designer so when the same words are being used (such as crochet) there’s usually a reason.

Either way, I think this is definitely a beautiful collection of clothing. Bal does gorgeous work (which is probably why he’s a designer affiliated with stars like Uma Thurman and Naomi Campbell). He draws influence from Indian culture and also Bollywood and brings it into the world of high fashion couture clothing. So I don’t dispute that it’s pretty. I just dispute that it’s really crochet.

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