Granny Squares in the Works

by Kathryn on June 8, 2012 · 6 comments

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I’ve been obsessing over large granny squares again recently and I have several things in the works as a result. Let me share a couple of those:

Large Granny Square Rugs

I’m making a series of four large granny square rugs to go in this hallway:

crochet rugs in hallway Granny Squares in the Works

Here they are in a stack in various stages of completion:

large granny square rugs Granny Squares in the Works

Each rug has the same center square (it’s a pink, black and white variegated yarn) and will have the same border (probably silver)to tie the entire look together even though the rounds are different amongst them.

New Large Granny Blanket

large granny square blanket Granny Squares in the Works

I love making large granny square blankets. You’ve already seen examples of that here and here. But this one is a little different because usually I make them with chunkier yarn and a large hook and this one that’s in the works is lightweight yarn and a D hook.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Granny Squares in the Works

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I love the idea of the granny square rugs running down the hallway - they will look great there. :)


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