20 Popular Free Crochet Patterns to Bookmark if You Haven’t Tried Them Yet

There are thousands upon thousands of free crochet patterns and tutorials on the Internet. However there are some that have really taken off and become super popular because they’re easy yet eye-catching and addictively fun to make. If you haven’t tried them, here are twenty popular crochet tutorials to bookmark and attempt at some point.

1. African Flower Motif

African Flower Crochet from Heidi Bear

The African Flower Motif is gorgeous especially when it’s made really colorful. My favorite free crochet pattern for this design comes from the tri-lingual blog Heidi Beans. She also offers a free crochet tutorial that shows how to join-as-you-go with the African flower motif.

2. Hexipuffs

Hexapuff Lap Quilt from Crochet Works

Hexipuffs are stuffed hexagons. They became popular last year when Tiny Owl Knits came out with the beekeeper’s quilt pattern, which is knit hexipuffs, and then crocheters made their own version. There is a free Ravelry download called The Apiary Puff for folks who want to try this cool design.

3. Wool-Eater

Sarah London’s Wool Eater

Sarah London created a great free crochet pattern called the Wool-Eater. She did a Wool-Eater blanket CAL that kicked off the craze and then lots of other people wanted to make one as soon as they saw it.

4. Blooming Flower

blooming flower crochet cushion

Lucy’s Blooming Flower

I adore this crochet pattern and think it’s wonderful that it’s become so popular. The free crochet pattern is available over at Attic 24.

5. Crochet Flower Pincushion

Crochet Flower Pincushion made by AlleySally

This free crochet pattern became popular first in the Danish language version and was then re-created for English-speaking crocheters. The pattern is be Liselotte Weller.

6. Crochet Flower Hotpad

Flower hotpads crocheted by The Sweatshop of Love

I love the beautiful design of this unique crochet pattern.

7. Reversible Crochet Swiffer Sock

Crochet Swiffer Sock by @lindamade

Linda Permann shares a free crochet pattern for the reversible swiffer sock over at Crafty Stylish. Cute and useful too!

8. Granny Mandala

Granny Mandala

Crochet with Ramyond offers a free crochet tutorial for making this granny mandala or granny circle.

9. Celestine Crochet Dodecahedron

Dodecahedron in crochet

This great free crochet pattern comes from Berroco. They make a version for knitters as well.

10. Circles to Squares Crochet Afghan

Circles to Squares crocheted by Helen Morgan

Shiri Designs offers a link to a download of this free crochet pattern from Lion Brand Yarns.

11. Flowers in the Snow

Another version of the circle-inside-a-square crochet idea that is popular is Flowers in the Snow, which can be found through Ravelry or on the Sols(tr)ikke crochet blog.

12. Noro Catherine Wheel Scarf

Petit Tricotage made this version of the Noro Catherine Wheel Scarf using Monet-inspired colors

For awhile it seemed really popular to make things using the Catherine Wheel crochet stitch, alternating colors row upon row. A popular free crochet pattern for that was the Noro Catherine Wheel Scarf available on Ravelry. And here’s a video for just the basic Catherine Wheel Stitch:

13. Crocodile Stitch Scarf

Crocodile Stitch Scarf by Yarn Muse

This stitch is one of the most popular crochet stitches right now and it can be used to make almost anything. You can learn how to get started with it by using the free crochet pattern that Yarn Muse offers for a Crocodile Stitch Scarf.

14. Mobius Scarf/ Cowl/ Wrap

Rebecca Velasquez crochet mobius cowl

Almost everyone seems to have crocheted a mobius scarf at one time or another. The most popular free crochet pattern for this one seems to be the one that Red Heart offers by Rebecca Velasquez. One I particularly like is the Magnalee Mobius wrap available on Ravelry. And incidentally, if you’ve already made too many mobius scarves but like the idea, there’s a great idea for mobius crochet gloves on Ravelry too.

15. Groovyghan

Groovyghan by Flickr’s MaryFairy2

It’s been a little while since this crochet pattern was trending but it was super hot for awhile and I think it’s worth making if you haven’t already. Tangled has the pattern by Tracy St. John.

16. Round Ripple

Earth and Sky Round Ripple by Hook, Yarn and Pattern

There are a few version of this free crochet pattern out there on the web. The one I’ve seen most is by SmoothFox. Incidentally, regular ripple blankets are also popular; a good free crochet pattern for one comes from Lucy at Attic 24.

17. Mollie Flowers

Mollie Flowers Crochet

These cute poofy crochet flowers are a free pattern on Roman Sock.

18. 3D Flower Squares

Pitsikuduja’s flower square crochet bag

The most popular free crochet pattern for 3D flower squares is probably this one from Rose Hip.

19. Chunky Crochet Basket

chunky crochet basket free pattern

Chunky Crochet Basket by Liz

I’ve seen lots of people paying attention to this chunky crochet basket, a free pattern from Crochet in Color, and I can absolutely see why!

20. Granny Square

Granny Square Poncho by Le Monde de Sucrette

I know that the granny square is super basic but that doesn’t mean that everyone’s tried it. And really, there are so many fun things that you can do with a granny square once you’ve learned it that it just had to be mentioned! If you’re looking for really popular ideas for the granny square, look no further than the blog Le Monde De Sucrette where you’ll find free crochet patterns for a large granny blanket and a granny poncho, both of which have been popular to recreate. Other popular free patterns using the granny square include Granny Square Slippers over at Purl Bee and a granny variation called the Sunburst Granny. You’ll find a good free tutorial for joining granny squares over at Carina’s Craft Blog.

How many of the twenty free crochet patterns on this list have you tried already?

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  1. Lots of great stuff. I especially like #10. I did a baby blanket for friends over 20 years ago from a pattern I found in a magazine when I was living in Mexico. I have always wanted to make another, but didn’t have the pattern anymore. Mine was all pastelly and little for a baby. I’ve always liked the idea of different sized dots on a solid background… But of course now I’ll just do it in intarsia… wait for it… ;)

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