The Best Crochet Blog Posts from the Web This Week

This week’s most notable stuff from the crochet blogosphere:

Something Special

You can win $300 worth of yarn from Juniper Moon Farm (@ShepherdSusie) if you come up with the right word that they’re looking for. They want a word or short phrase to describe”the well-read, thoughtful people who are making deliberate decisions to grow their own food, sew their own clothes, maybe keep a couple of hens or beehives while maintaining a serious profession and living in the city or suburbs”.

Smart Words on Crochet and Creativity

Beautiful Things People are Crocheting

Check out this sea green lacy crochet headband made by Little Treasures

Lovely shell stitch hanger cover by @creativejmom

Beautiful crochet art wall hanging by the mom of the blogger at Nero’s Post and Patch. @TejeKarjalainen

Favorite Video of the Week

Felicia Day learns to crochet … found via @craft

Crochet Patterns and Tutorials

Yarn Things

  • How to Dye Tonal Yarns. For those of you who are interested in dyeing before you crochet. From @knitpicks
  • How to Dye Yarn with Kool-Aid. Stitch and Unwind is a fairly new blog from the AllFreeCrochet folks and they’re doing a great job of producing quality content.

And Some Special Thanks

Happy reading!

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