Link Love: This Week’s Top Crochet Blog Posts

This week’s most notable stuff from the crochet blogosphere:

Something Special

Have you seen the cool new project that Shannon Okey (@Knitgrrl) has launched called One Million Stitches? It’s a global collaborative fiber art project that you can join. Multiple projects will be started (wearables, blankets, etc.) and they’ll be passed from person to person on the list so each person can add a little bit of stitches to one of the items. Each project will have a notebook that travels with it so you can also add a little writing/art to that. When the items are all completely, they’ll be curated into a show and a book. Crocheters are welcome to join. Signups over on the Knitgrrl blog.

Smart Words on Crochet

Beautiful Things People are Crocheting

According to Matt is rapidly becoming one of my favorite color geniuses. I previously highlighted this blog in my roundup of beautiful crochet clocks and now I’m loving this terrific granny square button cushion.

Maybe this week I’m really into crochet pillows because I was also drawn to this one by CosmicPluto which is a blue Wool-eater square on one side and a multi-colored cute granny on the other.

I also really loved seeing this beautiful single crochet bag and I encourage you to click over to Smoking Hot Needles to see the whole process because Monika spun the yarn herself before making the bag.

Favorite Video of the Week

Creation of a crochet work of art by Ernesto Neto.Learn more about Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto here.

Crochet Tips and Ideas

Crochet Patterns and Tutorials

Other Stuff

  • Favorite Finds: Barefoot Sandals. I love this photo roundup of barefoot sandals by @gleefulthings. Beautiful collection!
  • The 43 Things Bloggers Do. This isn’t crochet-related but it might be of interest to those of you with crochet blogs who want to make sure that you’re doing what you need to as a blogger. Simple an straightforward, this is just a list of things to consider as your role as a blogger, not a blogging “how to” per se. @lifehackorg
  • Tophatter review. This new auction site for crafters is gaining a lot of traction. I haven’t used it myself but was curious by this review from @jennyhats who talks about buying yarn from the site.
  • What’s the nicest thing your significant other has said about your crochet? @CraftGossip poses the question and answers it herself.

And Some Special Thanks

Happy reading!

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