Celebrity and Designer Crochet Roundup for May

Spotting crochet on the stars and the catwalk …

Celebrity Crochet

Rihanna caused a stir by wearing a very revealing outfit to dine in a nice restaurant. The crochet skirt is indeed a bit see through.

A very pregnant Kourtney Kardashian wears a crochet dress for comfort.

Also pregnant, Sienna Miller adds style to her look with a crochet vest.

I love how Rihanna put a twist on the crochet swimsuit trend by choosing a fringed swimsuit that has just a small bit of crochet at the hips.

Audrina Patridge has on a regular bikini but has added a crochet sarong.

Giselle wore a crochet bikini top with ripped jeans. She seemed to forget the sunscreen. I don’t really like this swimsuit but there are lots of great crochet swimsuits out there in the market today.

Brittany Snow spotted in a black crochet skirt

Crochet is a frequent feature of Vanessa Hudgens’ style. I’m not quite sure what crochet technique was used on this top, though. Do you know?

Rosanna Arquette in a black crochet maxi dress under a denim jacket.

I’m adoring the crochet maxi skirt that Miley Cyrus was spotted wearing.

Jennifer Lawrence is also in a maxi skirt that from the bottom of it looks to be crochet.

Neva Vodianova, daughter of supermodel Natalia, in gorgeous red crochet dress

Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh has a new baby and one of its first baby items was a crochet beanie. Learn more from the full news video here.

Designer Crochet

Olivia Munn in a Louis Vuitton bodysuit that features diamond panels of crochet.

Anna Sui often includes crochet headwear for her fashion shows. This is what Fall 2012 looks like.

There is a lot of crochet in the Spring 2012 lookbook from Eternal Sunshine Creations, a knit and crochet brand that fuses inspiration from California and Japan for a unique twist on handmade design. This brand also has some interesting crochet swimwear.

One Teaspoon crochet harem pants

From the Ryan Roche Spring 2012 Collection

Are there any items in this roundup that you think you might be inspired to crochet?


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  1. It’s hairpin loom crochet top on Vanessa Hudgens.

  2. Fruitful Fusion

    I was going to say, I’ve seen that crochet technique somewhere (the one on Vanessa Hudgens) but I didn’t know what it was called! So, thanks from me too Linda!

  3. En español lo llamamos tejido con horquilla (así vas practicando!) besos! y gracias por mencionar mi blog!

  4. IMG please Please PLEASE bring back the petty coat!! I wonder where we can all get cotton ones?

    • @carolmckayau 🙂 There are tons of them in thrift stores here but if you do a search for cotton petticoat in Google’s shopping tool you’ll see there are actually tons for sale!

  5. IMG please Please PLEASE bring back the petty coat!! I wonder where we can all get cotton ones?

  6. IMG please Please PLEASE bring back the petty coat!! I wonder where we can all get cotton ones?

  7. Does anyone know where I can get a pattern for a simple waistcoat like Sienna Miller’s? I have been looking for a long time but can’t find one anywhere!

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