May 2012

Spotting crochet on the stars and the catwalk … Celebrity Crochet Rihanna caused a stir by wearing a very revealing outfit to dine in a nice restaurant. The crochet skirt is indeed a bit see through. A very pregnant Kourtney Kardashian wears a crochet dress for comfort. Also pregnant, Sienna Miller adds style to her […]


Post image for Designer Crochet: Jean Paul Gaultier

Of all the people on the list of 50 Famous Fashion Designers that I’m exploring for The Designer Crochet Project I am probably most excited about this week’s designer: Jean Paul Gaultier.


Post image for 10 Ideas for Upcycling Denim with Crochet

Got old jeans in the closet? Here are loads of ideas for upcycling them using your crochet skills.


Post image for Edgy 1970s Crochet Designers: Jean Williams Cacicedo

Jean Williams Cacicedo learned to crochet in the late 1960s and quickly began to make wearable art that was clearly influenced by a background in sculpture and painting.


Post image for VHS Crochet Art Piece Was Vandalized

More than one dozen volunteers came together to help crochet artist Adrian Kershaw complete a huge installation art piece made of VHS tape. That piece had to be taken down after it was vandalized.


Post image for 25 Ravishing Pairs of Crochet Shorts

I think that crochet shorts are probably the toughest crochet item to pull off in terms of a wearable outfit. But it can be done!


Post image for 8 More Spanish Language Crochet Blogs

A few weeks ago I shared my eight favorite Spanish language crochet blogs. And then I shared eight more Spanish crochet blogs I’d recently discovered. You guessed it; I’m back to share another eight crochet blogs written in the Spanish language but accessible to anyone who enjoys crochet!