If I Were … (Crochet Blog Week, Day 5)

It should be really fun to look at the entries today for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week since the challenge is to do a different type of post from what you normally do. For my part, I thought I’d let you get some fresh insight into me by letting you know what I’d be if I were …

If I Were a Yarn

dream in color yarn If I Were ... (Crochet Blog Week, Day 5)

Dream In Color Starry

Deep but light, mostly normal and usually comfy but with a little bit of sparkle

If I Were a Crochet Stitch

ribbed hdc If I Were ... (Crochet Blog Week, Day 5)

Ribbed HDC … Fairly straightforward but not the first thing you think of and with a little something special to my texture

Photo Credit: Crafty Stylish

If I Were a Handmade Item

crochet monkeys If I Were ... (Crochet Blog Week, Day 5)

Curious, fun-loving, a little silly but family-oriented. Bonus note: Monkey is my Chinese zodiac sign. icon smile If I Were ... (Crochet Blog Week, Day 5)

Photo credit: Visit Planet June to see more about these crochet monkeys

If I Were a Cloud Tag

crochet blog If I Were ... (Crochet Blog Week, Day 5)

This one is actually what Wordle tells me about this blog, not really about my personality per se, but since I’m here five times a day that’s definitely a big part of me!

If I Were a Part of a Home

fireplace If I Were ... (Crochet Blog Week, Day 5)

The fireplace or the wine, take your pick … something that warms up the space but doesn’t have to be the focus of attention in all situations.

For this same type of post in Crochet Blog Week last year I shared a crochet poem.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 If I Were ... (Crochet Blog Week, Day 5)

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