Ernesto Neto Crochet Nets Reminiscent of Horiuchi’s Crocheted Playground

Ernesto Neto, The Island Bird, 2012

My most popular article on this site to date is my profile of artist Toshiko Horiuchi-Macadam who is known for her stunning crochet playgrounds. When I did that article I mentioned briefly that her work reminded me a bit of a more recent crochet artist, Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto. A look at his newest exhibit confirms this for me with great large scale crochet installations that definitely draw visual links to Macadam’s beautiful work.

Neto vs Macadam

The two artists both create huge crochet net installations that can be walked upon, making them interactive. The work I’d seen from Neto previously was done in a monochromatic color scheme but the newest work is more colorful and therefore looks a lot more like what Macadam is known for. Take a look …

First, here’s another view of The Island Bird by Neto:

And now here’s one of the works done by Horiuchi-Macadam:

The colors in Horiuchi’s work are brighter and more playful but they both offer a visually interesting crochet art piece that can be walked upon.

Neto at Tonya Bonakdar Gallery

Neto’s Island Bird piece is just one item of several crochet art pieces that are currently on exhibit in New York at the Tonya Bonakdar Gallery. Some of the other pieces include:


Grub Measure


Here’s one more view of the interactivity of the installation:

Ernesto Neto’s work will be on display at the Tonya Bonakdar Gallery until May 25, 2012.

If you had to choose, would you rather see the work of Ernesto Neto or Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam?


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