Friday Open Discussion: The Label “Domestic”

I was reading an article recently about an artist named Andrea Zittel whose body of work includes crochet, smock dresses and a table with indentations cut out to negate the need to use bowls. In this article, Zittel says that she cringes when she hears the word “domestic” applied to her work.

Domestic is a loaded word, isn’t it? I actually use it all of the time, though, referring to crochet as one of the domestic arts. But I know that it brings up various socio-political and even emotional connotations for some people.

So that’s what today’s open discussion is all about … what do you think of using the word “domestic” to talk about crafts like crochet and sewing and baking? Comment below!

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One Comment:

  1. Hm, no one has anything to say on this yet? How about if I tell you that there’s now a college degree in New Zealand for people in the Domestic Arts?

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