Crochet Blog Post Link Love

Of all of the crochet blog posts that I read this week, these are the ones that I adored the most. Enjoy!

Something Special

Did you see that @vickiehowell has a new column in Interweave Crochet magazine?

Some Pinterest Thoughts

This week I shared my thoughts on Pinterest. Here were a few other posts this week on that topic to add to your knowledge base in forming your own opinion on the topic:

Other Smart Words About Crochet

  • Discover Bosnian Crochet. Thanks @tonilrex from @crochetme for introducing me to this technique that I didn’t actually know by any name
  • Commission a Planet June Pattern. Crochet designer June Gilbank has launched a cool new option where you can help contribute to her commissioned design ideas in a Kickstarter like fashion. Everyone who wants to contributes a little bit to bring a design into reality.
  • Blocking (Killing) Acrylic. Heat blocking info from @crochetspot.
  • Krochet Kids. You’ve probably heard of this non-profit crochet organization (with jobs and internships that I sometimes post) but I just had to say that I like that Things Bright summed up that it’s important in part because it is “white males helping African females through empowering them with skills and plans to be able to be self-supporting.” With a traditionally feminine craft.

Beautiful Things People are Crocheting

Check out the truly lovely sentiments in the original post about these receiving blankets (plus more photos) enhanced with crochet by @purlbee

I love the creative twist that @creativejmom put on the crocodile stitch to create an eagle. Learn about it from her post.

Check out this beautiful floral motif crochet rug from The Flower Bed.

Helpful Tips and Tutorials

Great Crochet Patterns

  • Vintage Crochet Pattern Reveals. Things Bright is selling vintage crochet patterns from Annie’s old newsletters and I enjoyed this post showing some of those old patterns. I love old pattern photos for their retro adorableness even though I almost never use vintage patterns myself.

Yarn Stuff

  • New Thin Organic Cotton. Pickles has new cotton in more colors than they did last year. I love the natural earthy colors, especially the various shades of blue.

Other Fun Crochet Blog Posts

And Some Special Thanks This Week

Happy reading!

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  1. @CrochetBlogger thanks!

  2. @CrochetBlogger thanks for the link love! Did you get my msg through paypal about your pledges? If not lmk and I’ll email you directly. Thx!

  3. @CrochetBlogger thanks!

  4. Flower Bed (the website) says that that “rug” you posted is actually a blanket. That’s what the link to their website told me; it’s a blanket in the making.

  5. @guest Oh, you’re right. I thought it was a rug … it would certainly work as one if it was backed properly to non-slip!

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