Beans for Brains Scholarship Time

beans for brains crochet scholarship Beans for Brains Scholarship TimeEach year Jimmy Beans Wool provides college scholarships to knitters and crocheters. This is a unique program that celebrates traditional arts and crafts while encouraging higher education. I love it so I wanted to mention that it’s time for the new applications for the upcoming year.

What is Beans for Brains?

“The Beans for Brains Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship for students attending an accredited and approved institution of higher education.”

The Details

This scholarship is open to students attending college in the 2012-2013 school year. Applicants can be knitters or crochets and must submit a photo with their work or pattern design with their application. There will be five winners, one for each U.S. region, that will receive $2250 each. Applications deadline is April 15th, 2012.

About Jimmy Beans Wool

I have to give some props to Jimmy Beans Wool as a great yarn company supporting knitters and crocheters. In addition to this scholarship, they participate in many other community-minded events (like Stitch Mountain). CEO Laura Zander has gotten a lot of attention recently for her great leadership skills at this woman-owned business.

Crochet Is a College Student Money Maker

The Beans for Brains scholarship is a great way for a student to get a little bit of extra money. It’s hardly the only way students are using crochet to pay for college though. Many students, like Jose Luis Zelaya, are starting crochet-based businesses in their free time to raise the funds to pay for classes.



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