Risque, Quirky and Off-the-Wall Valentine’s Crochet (Etsy Treasury)

‘Risque, Quirky and Off-the-Wall Valentine’s Crochet’ by CrochetConcupiscence

Almost every crochet site I know is celebrating Valentine’s month with crochet hearts. That’s great but let’s look at some more unique Valentine’s crochet options. Whether you’re anti-Valentine’s, seeking something on the sexy side or like things cutesy, there’s something here for you.

Gin and Juice Crocheted Nipp…


Crochet Lips Coffee Cozy


Cute piglet couple


May and Lou: Classic Wine Po…


Bridal Garter – Burgundy Rom…


Sexy Lingerie


Anti-Valentine Black Crochet…


Valentine Crochet hat


Free Shipping….2012 New YE…


Crochet Valentines Day Choco…


Leg warmers, crochet black s…


Crochet underwear women’…


Zombie Cupid: Love is Blind …


Valentine Original Gifts – W…


Lil’ Devil – Crochet Am…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


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  1. Thank you for all the “quirkys” a little more my style than mushy. Although don’t get me wrong I love me some mush 🙂 just visited D.of A S.C. and fell in love with the vidio posted there.. Wow!!! yes slightly unnearving but fun anyway… Like the song too.Would love to meet Sarah. She could add some spice to my day…

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