Friday Open Discussion: Crochet Snobbery

Today we’re going to talk about being a crochet / yarn / craft snob. Are you one? In what ways? Have you been hurt by snobbery? Remember that these weekly open discussions are to generate conversation in the crochet community because your voice matters here. Feel free to say what you want to say on this topic. That said, please be respectful, especially when responding to others thoughts and comments on the blog.

Today’s Topic: Crochet/ Yarn/ Craft Snobbery

Here are some of the ways that I’ve seen snobbery as it relates to crochet:

  • Yarn stores that are rude to crocheters (I haven’t experienced this myself but read @lindamade’s great crochet blog post about it).
  • Multi-craftual snobs looking down on single-craft crocheters
  • Snobbery in the type of yarn you use (I’m probably guilty of this one at times)
  • Snobbery about where you buy your yarn (indie vs. chain, for example)
  • Nose-in-the-air about making and buying handmade towards others who don’t
  • Snobbery about perfect stitches, blocking and gauging when others don’t, etc.
Dig deep and get honest and tell us what you’re a snob about.
Or … do you feel bad about anything related to your crochet because of how snobby others may be? Have you been hurt in the past by craft snobbery?

Is it bad to be a snob? What are the most negative things about it? What are some positive things about being a snob?

Discuss in the comments below! (I’ll be adding in my two cents in response as the day goes on.)



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