Friday Open Discussion: Crochet Resentments

crochet discussions Friday Open Discussion: Crochet Resentments

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I value what my readers have to say and think that your voice can contribute a lot of knowledge to this blog. Each Friday I’ll post a thought or question that I believe is pertinent to crocheters today. It’s a chance for you to share your thoughts and opinions on the topic. You can just say what’s on your mind about it or you can respond to other people’s comments and thoughts. Always feel comfortable sharing your thoughts but also use common sense in making it clean, respectful and nice to everyone in the group.

Today’s Topic: Crochet Resentments

On Sunday I shared that I was struggling with some resentments as I did charity crochet. I was a little nervous to admit this in a public space. I want to be a generous crafter but truthfully I tend towards being a selfish crocheter, making things primarily for me. I was surprised to find that others have also felt this resentment even as they actively crocheted for charity. I thought this was an interesting topic. Let’s discuss it.

You can say anything you want here about your experience with crochet resentment but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • When have you been crocheting something for someone else and realized that you resented it?
  • If you’ve been paid to crochet, has that changed your feelings of resentment in any way?
  • What causes crochet resentment?
  • Should we crochet for others if we resent the work that we’re doing?
  • What are some tips for working through the resentment because you do want to donate your crochet?
  • Do you think it’s bad to have these feelings come up as you crochet?

Discuss in the comments below! (I’ll be adding in my two cents in response as the day goes on.)

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