Etsy Crochet: Red Heart Bikini

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t resist making today’s Etsy crochet selection this red heart bikini by sinchukss. This is clearly the kind of bikini that gets worn in a bedroom, not on a beach!

Would you dare to wear this crochet piece?

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  1. That’s super cute. If I had a pattern for that, I’d totally make it.

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  3. Would like to purchase pattern. Could see using it for many things. Like the paisley swirl.

  4. Like the paisley swirl. Would like to know how I could purchase pattern. Referring to the Red Heart Bikini from Feb.

    • @lee3141 this red heart crochet bikini was made and sold by sinchukss on Etsy; not sure if there is a crochet pattern for it but asking the maker would be a good place to start in a search for one!

  5. Who's created this red heart bikini, EY I want do some sat who is.
    The chart would be a good.

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