Etsy Crochet Pattern: Pirate Ship

The Friday Etsy feature is always a crochet pattern from Etsy. Today I’ve selected what I think is an absolutely adorable pirate ship crochet pattern sold by skymagenta. It looks a little intimidating to me, but I like big huge projects with no joins or color changes. 🙂 I think for the right person this could be an awesome fun pattern.

Would you tackle this crochet project?


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  1. @CrochetBlogger Yep. One of the highlight days of the summer for our children’s centre is Pirate’s day, this would be brilliant.

  2. HELP A FELLOW CHAINER PLEASE!!!!! “little orphan skein” needs help….. having problems with issues…. she came through on my e-mail…. i passed her onto you Katheryn. anyone else that can “reach”her go for it!!! told her lots of good folks out here…. We R Connected so…. Thank You………I am able to post comments on her she is unable and feels very out of touch!!! that is all I am (computer) smart enough to tell ya’ll….Peace from Tuscaloosa,Alabama

  3. Now that IS cool! But there’s a reason I don’t do more amurigami, just don’t have the patience for all those scs. 🙂

    • @laurindar3 I don’t mind doing the scs but I don’t like having to attach lots of little crochet pieces. Love how it looks when others do it though!

      • @CrochetBlogger Yes! I have realized it’s as much the stitching together that has kept me from making stuffed animals as the tiny stitches. I always start them, but never finish. I have a good friend I taught to crochet who loves to make stuffies, so I send her all the patterns I wish I would make.

        • @laurindar3 When I first started crocheting I was interested in trying everything but now I’ve learned my preferences. There is still a lot I want to learn (surface crochet, interlocking crochet) but there are things that I’m happy to leave to others.

  4. @magsiesss Awesome. Pirate’s Day sounds so fun!

  5. I would tackle this project but couldn’t find the pattern in sky magenta’s etsy shop 🙁

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