Etsy Crochet: Lariat Scarf

Today’s Etsy crochet selection is the Wild Rose Lariat Scarf by gsakowskidesigns. I love the natural inspiration.

Is purple the color that you would choose for the rose if you crocheted this?


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  1. I’d go with the purple if I made it (and I might just take a crack at it). What I might shift the chartreuse color in the leaves a little more into the bluey shades. Greens and purples are some of my favorite colors together, but you have to have the shading right. Beautiful piece of work!

  2. Yes, I love purple with green!

  3. It’s lovely, and the colors are great. The rose could have been yellow or orange too, for a bit of a hippy-feel.

    It’s a beautiful scarf / necklace!

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