Crochet Quote: On Felting

Today’s crochet quote is about felting, which is something you can do with your crochet work as well as through other methods. The quote is by Shannon Okey and comes from the introduction to her book Felt Frenzy. There isn’t much mention of crochet in this book but there’s a wealth of information here about felting knit items which would apply to felting crochet items too.

“When you look at felt, you just see … felt. The fibers are connected at a microscopic level, so you can’t see or feel how the fabric is made. Even when you know exactly how and why the process works, as you watch the fabric change in your own hands, it remains slightly mysterious.”

What are your experiences with felting?


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  1. I have none. Never wanted to “waste” my expensive wool yarn. Plus I just like the look of my stitches…..lets not get into the amount of shrinkage one has to figure out..Just my thought.

    • @65mary65 I recently learned that felted crochet has much more stitch definition than felted knitting. Thought that was interesting.

      • @CrochetBlogger @65mary65 In my recent felted crown experiments (made 15 for bday party favors) I ended up using 5 different yarns. I discovered that the definition of the stitches was entirely dependent on the brand of yarn I used. The 2 Patons yarns I used were the only ones that felted completely, and I love the way those turned out. Although the kids didn’t mind the less felted ones, I was frustrated because they were really unevenly felted & rewashing them didn’t seem to make a difference.

        • @laurindar3 @65mary65 Sounds a little frustrating although I’m sure that the kids were thrilled with them. I still think this was such a fun party idea!! I only know a little bit about it but there are different grades or stages of wool so I would guess that plays into why some brands felt differently than others.

        • @CrochetBlogger @65mary65 It was mostly frustrating because the 1st brand I tried was Patons, but noone local carried that type in gold. One other good thing is that as long as they were still damp, they could be stretched to fit any size head (finding the right sized bowls was the main trick). Oh, and one brand smelled really stinky when washed, like it released some chemical. Good learning experience.

        • @laurindar3 @65mary65 Thanks so much for sharing your experience. It’s such good information for us to have, especially those people who are new to felting. This way if someone experiences that chemical smell (gross!) then they at least know that it won’t happen all the time with every yarn.

          Do you do blocking for your crochet work? I’ll admit that I don’t but I do know that that’s the trick to stretching things to the right size and shape and of course that also involves getting it damp.

        • @CrochetBlogger @65mary65 I never did much blocking (except lace), but now that I’m making samples for publication I’m doing a lot more. Even got a steamer, which really softens up acrylic yarns.

        • @laurindar3 @65mary65 Makes sense. I would do it for professional submissions or making things for others. I just don’t typically do it for myself. (I don’t own an iron either, so that kinda tells you how lax I feel about that kinda thing!) 🙂

        • @CrochetBlogger I hardly make anything for myself (back to the discussion about resentments), although I’m trying to change that. I have an iron, but only use it for crafts. 🙂

        • @laurindar3 It seems like most crocheters (from those I’ve talked to anyway) are at one end or the other of that spectrum …. they either almost always make things for others and rarely for themselves or the opposite. I make almost everything for myself although I have lots and lots of stuff at this point so I’m thinking I should open up a “second hand crochet” store for the items I’m done with now!

        • @CrochetBlogger @laurindar3 ok hope this works; give where your heart tells you to.. IF you can afford to give, give. (local charitys perhaps) If you have a lot of lovely hooked goodys made with love, well then charge what your local market can bear.. LOTS and lots says go 4 it! just be kind..(don’t know ‘ya but I kinda’ know you :))

      • @CrochetBlogger @65mary65 …The crowns being thin sort of folded in on themselves so the inside stitches didn’t felt as much, or at least left more stitch definition.

  2. mmm just posted and it went poof… never felted. I like the look of my stitches. Plus all that shrinkage one has to figure out…

  3. ok Because I am new to all this cross converstation not sure who is getting what (loving every moment of it though) I Will Learn!!! so if i post to the (wrong,no such thing person) just pass it on…. Just keep us going Katheryn U Rock!!!!! oh yeah watched “Oklahoma” today one of my faves… ahhh … want more of those “spee”moments can U start them Here ??? This time of year we all Need them!!!!!

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