Celebrity Sweaters: Crochet Edition

Whenever there’s a slight chill in the air I get the urge to grab the nearest crochet sweater and cuddle up inside of it. And if it’s only a little cold then a short-sleeved crochet sweater will do. Do you feel that way? From the looks of these celebrity sweaters there are lots of famous ladies who get the same urge!

Fashion expert Anna Wintour is often spotted in crochet sweaters.

Katie Holmes‘ beach cover up really looks like a cozy sweater option to me!

Model Lily Aldridge sported crochet on the beach for her 26th birthday.

Vanessa Hudgens in a cropped crochet sweater T.

Khloe Kardashian also in a sweater T. I like this one better than the cropped one personally.

A twist on celebrity sweaters: Real Housewives of NY’s Bethenny Frankel wears a crochet cardigan with shorts. Cute!

I just want to note again that sometimes I get it wrong, calling an item crochet when it’s not (read more here) and I always encourage my readers to let me know when they think an item I’ve said is crochet might not be. That way the blog can have the right information.


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  1. Katie’s sweater looks like stockinette stitch done on big needles to me but I could be wrong because the image isn’t clear enough to be sure. Khloe’s sweater looks like it’s garter stitch on big needles – the effect of that is that it can be really stretched to emphasize the garter ridges.

  2. Not real sure as I am far from expert, Katie Holmes looks a little “knitty” to me. or maybe it is hooked on a sideways pattern??????

  3. True all that as far as the knitting language goes… mmmmm..Goodness “k” looks like you started something:) my language of choice is dcs,scs etc….. ok ladies Find out seek and we shall LEARN!!!!!! All of this is very educational……

  4. ps rip it good , looking to follow you can u give me a way to do it?

  5. I only follow by e-mail. f-book and all that other “mess” takes to much of my Alabama:) time thank you

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