365 Ways to Wear Crochet: Pink / Purple Scarf

A simple pink/ purple scarf enhances the style of a new purple dress with a bit of feminine softness. (Don’t mind the hair – it’s in the middle of a dye process that isn’t done yet!)

The Outfit

Pink/ Purple Crochet Scarf, Purple Tank Top, Open-Faced Purple Dress, Blue Boots

Crochet Detail

The Shoes

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  1. I love the scarf and especially the colours! BTW, I’m also curious to see what happens to the hair :) I love trying out new changes!

    • @Fruitful Fusion Thanks! For some reason I don’t wear this crochet scarf all that often but whenever I do I remember how much I like it. Hair in progress … I love being wacky and playing with it in different ways. :) More pics soon.

  2. Very pretty outfit – I love the dress. :)

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