10 Word Yarn Review: Patons Voodoo

The Yarn:

Patons Voodoo. 92% acrylic, 8% nylon. 33 yards to a 50 gram skein.

The Color I Used:


Yarn Used On:

double crochet fringe added to bottom of dress

My 10 Word Succinct Yarn Review:

  1. Novelty.
  2. Discontinued.
  3. Ropy.
  4. Feathers.
  5. Non-splitty.
  6. Poodle. (What can I say, that’s what it reminds me of when worked up.)
  7. Bulky.
  8. Downy.
  9. Fibrous.
  10. Meh. (Indifferent to whether or not I’d ever use it again but since it’s a discontinued yarn it’s mostly a non-issue.)


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  1. “Yepper’s poodle it is… love the color though.have in my stash some discontinued novy’s . I save them for hat edges etc. Lets be Real they can be hard to play with unless you have large hook great light and can “feel” your way. Ok have to pass this on to you “Katheryn. Vintage crochet/or Irish Crochet . went Trolling Found a lady on Ravelery that does some AWESOME STUNNING AMAZING WORK!!! ( am I yelling loud enough???) Many Google-image links later I found “Asia62” Please if you don’t “know” her, Find her!!!! Her work falls under Free-form also…Her dresses are just WOW!!!!!! If you do know her pass her on or just something she is incredable…….She may have a blog. I am not savvy to find it … The google-image dress is greens and you will know it when you see it.. Breathtaking……

  2. oh yeah “meh” is such a great word, says SO much with 3 letters!!!!! thank you for your honesty and makeing me laugh coffee……

  3. Thank You for being so quick!!! Glad you found her and are “passing-her-on” . She creates art. ok time for me to do some more trolling….LOL

  4. oh yeah I have some company that is taking a little of my “me” time right now.. I missed you too…

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