Daily Crochet Job Links 1/11/12

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crochet job leads Daily Crochet Job Links 1/11/12

Looking for a crochet-related job? The weekday links here are a good source to find one. Need to hire someone for tech editing, pattern testing or other crochet-related jobs? Try advertising here.

Here are the featured posts for today.

Featured Crochet Job

Help Wanted by Individual Seeking to Advance Crochet Skills

Someone in Reno, NV is looking for an experienced crochet to help them advance their crochet skills. They know the basics and can work in the round but would like to get more advanced. Specifically they want help learning to read patterns. They mention that texting would be one way to learn so perhaps they’d be open to email, video chat or phone lessons from someone who isn’t based in Reno. May be worth checking out. Pay unspecified. More info here.

Crochet Job Leads

Paid Job Leads

  • Work at WEBS. This popular yarn store is looking for a customer service rep in MA for a part-time on-site assistant. They mention that they need someone who can offer knitting help but I know that most yarn stores are also interested in crocheters so if you’re in that region then consider it!
  • NJ Yarn Shop Sales Associates. On-site position doing sales in a NJ LYS. Prefer someone who has both knit and crochet skills.
  • NC Person Wants Crochet Teacher. They want face-to-face instruction in Durham, NC but don’t specify if that has to be in-person or could be on computer. They want evening lessons and will pay $23 per hour.

Pattern Testers (typically the deal is you get a free pattern for your efforts)

Volunteer Job Leads

BONUS: Someone in Raleigh is looking for a copy of the Fall 2006 issue of Family Circle Easy Crochet so if you happen to have one that you want to part with then perhaps you could make a few bucks.

Good luck!

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