Crochet Quote: Magic Hands

Today’s crochet quote comes from an article in The Times of India by Nidhi Singhi titled Paramjit Weaves Warm Magic. It’s about a crochet and knit crafter but I just loved this specific line:

“Her hands weave magic, be it knitting or crochet art.”

Doesn’t that just sound lovely. Do you ever think of yourself as “weaving magic?” Will you now?!


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  1. Yes I do. In a psych class i took the relationship between the “seeing and doing” with our hands is amazing and many steps complicated.. Wonderful to behold… I Love my hands… Watch yours play with fibers, and Think about it…Great Quote Thanx …

    • That’s a really great point to make about watching our hands … I’m going to try to do that later today when I settle down to crochet and see how that changes the experience. Thanks for the tip!

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