12 in ’12 Charity Crochet: 1st Post

charity crochet 12 in 12 Charity Crochet: 1st Post

I’m hosting the 12 in ’12 charity crochet project for anyone who wants to join. Learn more here. Today’s post is the first January post where we can each share what our charity crochet plans are for January. I’ll be sharing my plans here. You can share yours on your own blog and then link up at the bottom of this post.

My January Group: Bridge and Beyond

I’ve decided to make my January crochet donation for Bridge and Beyond, one of the organizations I selected for my Most Awesome Crochet Blogger Award for best charity blog. Bridge and Beyond helps provide hand knit and crocheted items to people in Ohio who need them to keep warm. They give their donations to clinics and shelters in the area that help homeless children, women and men in need. This includes women and children affected by domestic violence.

Why I Chose This Organization

There are two major reasons that I chose this organization as one of the ones I’m making a donation to this year:

  1. It seems like a good group. I’ve followed along on the blog for quite some time so I’ve seen the dedication that this group has to its cause.
  2. It’s a tangible way to help with homelessness. I live in a city with a huge homelessness issue. Every single time I leave my house I’m asked for change by at least one person. I don’t give it for a variety of reasons, mostly because I don’t think that these types of handouts typically help anyone. However, I do recognize that homelessness is a serious issue and I do think it’s a worthwhile cause to help with if you can find a way that truly helps. This seems like such a way.

My Plans for the Month

This organization accepts “hats, scarves, mittens, slippers, and squares”. Their focus for January (based on need) is mittens. I’ve never crocheted mittens before but now is as good of a time as any to learn. I’m going to try to make at least one pair of mittens for donation. I will also be making at least two hats and several scarves. I haven’t yet chosen my patterns. I’m slow getting started on January’s work because I’ve got houseguests and travel plans through mid-month. Hopefully I’ll get some free time and a boost of energy after that so I can make a good donation.

Will you be joining me in 12 in ’12? Link up below.


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