Some Xmas Eve Crochet Link Love

Merry Christmas weekend to those of you who are celebrating. If you’ve got some downtime today then you may want to catch up on your crochet blog reading (especially if you were too busy all week to stay on top of your feed reader!) Here are some of my favorite links from the crochet blogging world this week.

  • Le Monde du Sucrette finished a terrifically colorful vintage squares crochet blanket.
  • Crochet pendant lamp. Amazing find via Craft.
  • Inside Crochet did a terrific interview with amigurumi artist Yanina Schenkel.
  • Useless Beauty did a fun humor-laced interview with The Gingerbread Lady where we learn about yarnpires, massive motif projects and more.
  • SF Girl By Bay did a great post on Dottie Angel, showing off lots of lovely home decor photos including some crochet. @sfgirlbybay And in related news, @IDALifestyle refashioned a crochet blanket with Dottie Angel in mind.
  • Caron Notebooks is sharing lots of new amigurumi patterns lately. One I thought was cute was the candle by @TracieCrochets.
  • Kim Werker is leaving her blogging at Crochet Me behind after seven years. I enjoyed her farewell post recapping her experience. @kpwerker
  • Mon Petiti Violin shared a tutorial for a DIY crocheted jersey bracelet. Cute ideas for working with different fabrics.
  • Darla Fanton did a lovely crochet pattern post on Vickie Howell’s blog with info and a pattern for double-ended hook crochet.
  • KnitPicks explained why the price of yarn is rising.
And a Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!

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