Last Crochet Corner of 2011!

crochet kathryn Last Crochet Corner of 2011!

I had no idea what was going to come of this blog when I started Crochet Concupiscence in January of this year. I had started other blogs in the past and lost interest even though I was passionate about them at first. I didn’t want to set too many specific goals until I saw what happened. What happened was that I fell in love with blogging about crochet.

I knew that I liked crochet. I knew that there was a lot of information coming out about crochet. But I had no idea how vast the information was or how many different aspects I would come to be interested in as I did more and more research for this blog. I’m excited about all I’ve been able to learn and share here in 2011.

This week I’m going to be away from my computer a bit. I’m spending some time with my brother and sister and will be doing a little in-state traveling. I thought that a good way to spend that time on the blog was to do a recap of 2011 to highlight all that’s happened here since January. Each day this week will feature links to a set of themed archived posts from this blog. For example, this morning I already published the list of all of the crochet artist posts on this blog from 2011.

I hope that you’ll have some time to visit some of the links that you missed out on throughout the year. Thank you so much to all of the wonderful readers who have enhanced my experience of crochet blogging this year. I look forward to lots of wonderful crochet things in 2012!!

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