Fiber Artist Mandy Greer Learned Crochet From Her Hubby

You’ve heard me mention Mandy Greer on this crochet blog on a few different occasions. She was one of my Monday feature crochet artists where I told you a bit about her unique type of fiber and mixed media art that incorporates crochet. More recently I mentioned that I’m coveting her new coffee table book showing amazing images in a ten year retrospective of her work. This week there was a news article on her work that taught me even more new things about her that I didn’t know.

Mandy Greer Learned Crochet From Her Husband

The first thing that I learned that I thought was truly interesting was that this fiber artist actually learned to crochet from her husband, Paul Margolis. He is also a fiber artist. Crochet is so stereotypically considered a feminine craft and especially represents a female perspective in art so I think it’s just a fascinating contrast to find out that she learned the skill from a guy. Cool.

Greer’s Crochet Work Consists Largely of Chains

I think you can sort of tell this when you look at some of the images of her work but I hadn’t really thought too much about it until the article mentioned it. Greer does do other types of crochet to include in her work as well but a large percentage of the crochet in her art pieces is made up of just crochet chains. The chain is such a simple but striking symbol and can be put together with other chains in so many different ways. This makes her unique from many other crochet artists and I find it interesting. She compares it to drawing, noting that you can make a crochet line go anywhere you want. Love this idea!

Greer Has a Community of Crochet Help for Her Work

Pretty much anyone can learn to crochet a chain really quickly, right? Greer takes advantage of that fact to include a whole community of people in the creation of her art work. In 2007 she found that she needed help to finish a project so she invited people to her house to crochet with her and contribute to the finished product. It’s become a regular thing and sometimes people she doesn’t even know come to help out. It sounds like a terrific community crafting experience and I think this adds another cool dimension to her art work.

The Seattle Times article on Greer is really comprehensive and interesting so I’d recommend checking it out if you get a chance.

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  1. thank you for sharing her with us. I agree with you COOL all the way around!!!!

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