Coveting: Mollie Makes

mollie makes Coveting: Mollie Makes

I subscribe to all of the major crochet magazines from the United States, although I have mixed feelings about some of them. But lately I’ve been coveting some of the magazines from overseas. Inside Crochet is one of them. And even more than that, I’ve been thinking about getting Mollie Makes Coveting: Mollie Makes.

This magazine isn’t strictly a crochet magazine. It covers all different crafts. But of course it got a lot of attention when it showed off those now famous crochet apple cozies on the cover of Issue #1. I feel like the magazine just came out but a look at the website shows that it’s approaching issue #8 already. Wow.

I haven’t quite made the leap on this one because it’s a pricey magazine, especially since it’s coming to me from overseas. But I’m eyeing it. Any thoughts on this one?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Coveting: Mollie Makes

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