Butternut Street Gets Hooked Together

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It’s time for a new installation of Hooked Together. This is my blog project where I go through my list of blogs, pull one out and check out every single blog listed in that blog’s sidebar. I share which ones I’m already familiar with and which ones are new to me in different categories. In the end, this will all come together in a visual display of the world of crochet blogging. In the meantime, it’s a way for me to find new awesome blogs and maybe for my readers to find some as well.

This week, I’m checking out the blog list over at Butternut Street. As I get started, I’m really excited to see what’s on the blogroll because blogger Niki is not only a crocheter but also a quilter. I don’t quilt myself but this past year I’ve started to get more interested in quilting blogs for their great visual displays. So I’m curious to see if she introduces me to some new blogs in both categories. As for Butternut Street, I love the short to-the-point shares that Niki offers on this blog while still managing to share a lot of herself in the posts.

Hooked Together Blogs

Multi-Craftual Blogs Including Crochet

  • Simplify. A post in 2010 says this blogger barely knows how to crochet but her crochet work has blossomed since then. Check out her lovely recent crochet cowl post. This blog has long posts filled with photos and personal life thoughts with a variety of crafts included.
  • The Cheeky Seagull. Lovely personal blog with lots of photos of family, gardening and crafting including crochet.
  • Stray Stitches. Mostly a quilting and sewing blog with lots of giveaways and the occasional crochet post.
  • Amy Stitches. Mostly a sewing blog with a little bit of crochet in the archives.
  • Knits, Cooks and Crochets. Family blog from a mom who knits and crochets with her daughters.

Non-Crochet Blogs

What did I find? As I expected, there were lots of pretty quilting blogs here but I did also find some new crafty blogs that include crochet to add to my own reader.

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