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Hooked Together is back. I took last week off to do some reorganization on my part. Mostly I wanted to make sure that I’m tracking my findings on this project in a way that will lend itself to a good visual display in the end. I’m not sure that I’ve got it quite right yet but I’m ready to get back to checking out the blogrolls of all of the great crochet blogs out there on the web.

This week, I’m checking out Bunny Mummy’s list of blogs. Jacquie from Bunny Mummy is a forty something mom who enjoys lots of different crafts but is currently obsessed with crochet. I love seeing what she makes. I also really love all of the super colorful large posts on her blog, whether they’re of the crochet work or something else. Let’s see who she hooks us to …

Tier One Blogs

These blogs are on the blogroll but they’re also already in the big list of blogs I already read. Awesome.

  • SIBOL. One of my favorite charity crochet websites.
  • Le Monde Du Sucrette. Whose super colorful crochet work I just adore.
  • Coco Rose Diaries. Another beautiful colorful blog.
  • Sarah London’s Blog. I love this author of Granny Square Love and of course I follow her blog.
  • Crochet with Raymond. Another colorful blog that I adore for her great yarn-y posts.
  • iCrochet. This is a board that you can pin to each week to share your crochet creations. I love seeing what people are making.
  • Attic 24. This colorful crochet blog seems like a perfect one for Bunny Mummy to be following.
  • Alli Crafts. Another crochet blog on my list that Bunny Mummy likes too.
  • Yarn Round Hook. Another great domestic blog with posts on crochet.

Hooked Together Blogs

These blogs are on the blogroll but they’ve already been linked to because they were on the blogroll in a previous Hooked Together post. Also awesome.

  • Laughing Purple Goldfish. Hooked Together by Anastacia Knits.
  • Little Woolie. Also Hooked Together by Anastacia Knits.
  • The Royal SistersAlso Hooked Together by Anastacia Knits.
  • Easy Makes Me Happy. Hooked Together by Aesthetic Nest.
  • Rose HipHooked Together by Aesthetic Nest.

New-to-Me Crochet Blogs

  • Bobo Bun. This blogger says: “Colourful yarn, vintage fabrics and buttons all make my heart skip a beat.” I hear that! Mostly she writes about crochet although there are life posts and other craft posts here and there.
  • Crochet in Color. Liz is a grad student and mom who just started this blog a few months ago to show off her great colorful crochet work.
  • Linhas Imaginarias. A mostly crochet blog from Brazil.
  • Tangled Happy. A lovely yarn-loving blog.
  • MemeRose. Another great crochet blog to add to my must-read list!
  • Eclectic Me. A mostly crochet blog with an artistic side.
  • Haken en Meer. That translates to Hooks and More, which I learned after using the translate option on this foreign language blog.
  • Emma Lamb. She shows off her crochet and does some great inspiration posts as well.
  • Tales from Cuckooland. Mostly a crochet blog with lots of little tidbits about the crafter’s life.
  • Pink Milk. Personal blog from a crocheter.
  • Clever Cheshire Cats. Beautiful colorful crochet work!
  • Primrose Bereford. Crochet-rich blog from a crafty life.

Multi-Craftual Blogs Including Crochet

  • My Beautiful Life. The short updates on this blog give us a glimpse into the blogger’s life including her crochet and knit work.
  • Cottage 1945. A farm and cottage life blog with posts on knitting, crochet, thrifting and more.
  • Posie Gets Cozy. Another beautiful blog with life posts and craft posts that include knitting, crochet and embroidery.
  • L is for Love. The blogger explains that this lovely blog is “my space to log my love of yarn, crochet, knitting and vintage/retro objects of beauty.”
  • IDA Interior Lifestyle. This is a uniquely wonderful blog. It’s an interior design blog by someone who specifically loves decorating with crochet, vintage elements and Japanese fabrics. @IDAlifestyle
  • The Quince Tree. Crochet takes a back seat here to posts about baking and cooking but it’s in there all the same.
  • Mias Landliv. A country life blog from Norway that includes some knitting and crochet craft posts.
  • Heart Shaped. Photo-rich personal life blog with some crochet posts in the archives.
  • Nero’s Post and Patch. A Finnish woman living in Greece writes about crochet, quilting, felting and more. @TejeKarjalainen
  • Tabiboo. Crochet, embroidery, cooking and gardening all make an appearance on this pretty blog.
  • Marmalade Rose. “Creativity and domestic ramblings” with crochet too!
  • Julia Crossland. A painter/artist who also enjoys crochet shares thoughts on creativity. @JuliaCrossland
  • Bellas Country. Life blog from a collector who also crochets.
  • Bearpaw. A quilting and crochet blog. @bearpawcraft
  • TeaWagonTales. Sewing and papier mache are among the crafts added to crochet on this great blog.
  • Pickles. A very pretty and talented bilingual knit and crochet blog. @eatpickles
  • Foxs Lane. In addition to crochet you’ll find knitting, sewing and baking stuff on this Australian blog. @foxslane
  • Greedy For Colour. Kate lives on a dairy farm in New Zealand does a variety of crafts with yarn and thread.
  • Ungardened Moments. “A little bit of country in the city” including some crochet stuff.
  • Hawthorn Time. Crochet is a big part of this family life blog.
  • The Yvestown Blog. Decorating and cooking are the primary focuses of this blog that occasionally features crochet. @yvestown
  • Suz Place. A crochet-filled blog about one gal’s life and home.
  • Kandi Pandi’s Pad. Crafty blog with crochet in the mix. @Kandipandii
  • Wood and Wool Stool. I’m adoring this blog by a maker of wooden stools with crochet covers.
  • Cherry Heart. “A mummy who loves to knit, sew, crochet and bake”.
  • The Quiet Home. A faith-based simple living blog that includes some forays into crochet.
  • Life on the East Coast. East Suffolk that is. A crochet, knitting, cooking blog.
  • Self Sewn. A pretty quilting and gardening blog that also includes lots of crochet.
  • Lally Lou Lou. Mostly a crochet blog with other domestic craft posts as well.
  • Dutch Girl Diary. I don’t see a craft that’s not touched on somewhere on this blog but it’s especially rich in crochet.
  • My Rose Valley. A quilting, sewing and crochet blog that also delves into many other areas.
  • Fiddlesticks. A knit and crochet blog.
  • CreJJtions. Mostly a crochet blog with other posts on knitting and sewing.
  • Little Tin Bird. I actually just recently learned about this blog since we were both nominated for top crafty blog at Inside Crochet.
  • French Knots. This is mostly a family blog that touches on other topics including a bit of crochet.
  • Hook and Yarn. A crochet blog with a bit of gardening and knitting in the mix.
  • Cozy Things. Lots of handmade cozy stuff including much crochet.
  • Quietly Stitching. This blogger says: ” I find colour theraputic and love bright colours of the rainbow as well as lovely soft pastel shades.”
  • Andamento. Photos of bike ride finds and hand crafted things.
  • Sweet Birdy Love. Handcrafted loveliness with crochet included.
  • Myrtle & Eunice. Mom to three with a crafty obsession shares her life. @myrtleandeunice
  • Button Tree Crafts. Reading and baking, knitting and crochet all inspire this blog.
  • Jumbles and Pompoms. A thrifting blog from someone who recently learned to crochet.
  • My 4 Lil Girls. An inspired crochet and sewing blog.
  • Sols(tr)ikke. Knitting, crocheting and sewing foreign language blog from Norway.
  • Jenny Arnott. Embroidered textiles and accessories from a newbie crocheter. @jenny_arnott
  • Apples and Pears. Another multi-talented crafter shares her stuff, emphasis on crochet and sewing.
  • Posy. A home life blog that includes a lot of sewing and some crochet. @JaneGoble
  • The House of Jones. This chit chat blog features cooking and baking along with crochet and more.
  • Seams of Life. “Thrift … sew … crochet … create.”
  • Handmaid Lisette. A lovely handmade blog with an emphasis on crochet. @studiosoil

Non-Crochet Blogs

  • Little Blue Mouse. A fun photo-filled blog updated a few times per month with crafty creations.
  • Frugal Queen. Real life tales about trying to save money.
  • Dottie Angel. This is a beautiful blog filled with thrift finds, life stories and upbeat thoughts. @dottieangelyarn
  • Saidos da Concha. Despite the name, this is an English language blog. It’s a lovely blog from a sewing enthusiast who believes in simple living. @saidosdaconcha
  • Vintage Vicki. A vintage loving blog rom a jam-making and sewing knitter.
  • Jane Foster Blog. The blog of a vintage fabric loving screenprinter.
  • Country Rabbit. This blogger says: “I love thrifting, craft, photography and art. Join me here on my home maker tales and creations and a little thrifting along the way.”
  • Helen Phillips. She says: “I am a designer, author, illustrator, stitcher and I just love crafting and making things.”
  • Loft Creations. Mostly a quilting and sewing blog.
  • Hen House. A crafting, quilting, thrifting blog.
  • A Bit of Pilli Pilli. Felting and sewing and stuff.
  • Nette Vivante. A lovely little inspiration blog.
  • Curlew Country. A country living blog.
  • Silver Pebble. A silver jewelry blog.
  • Memoirs of a Vintage Magpie. All things vintage and retro.
  • Amanda Makes. And she shares what she’s making like the recent knitted Beekeeper’s Quilt.

Out of Date Blogs

For the purposes of Hooked Together, a blog is considered out of date if it hasn’t had a post in the past couple of months.

  • Lollipop Tree Lane. This one may not be out of date but it’s invite only.
  • Are We Nearly There Yet?
  • Pink Fluffy Warrior
  • Land of Emma
  • Rubyred
  • Never Knew
  • Bertie Meadows
  • Coff ‘n Crochet
  • Sylvie’s Garden
  • Kitschen Pink
  • Erica’s Hook and Yarn
  • Handmade in Gibraltar

What did I find? The first thing that stands out to me here is that Bunny Mummy follows a lot of truly beautiful blogs with great photos and lots of pictures (which makes sense since her blog is like that). I found quite a few new crochet-included blogs that I’m now following, many of which are UK based. This project is so fun!

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