What I’ve Learned from Hooked Together So Far

by Kathryn on November 25, 2011 · 5 comments

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This week I’m skipping my usual Hooked Together post because I want to spend the time that I’d normally use for it reviewing the project. A lot of work goes into checking out and linking all of the blogs on the various crochet blogrolls. I enjoy doing it but I want to take some time to make sure the project is where I want it to be before I move forward. Maybe there’s a more efficient way to organize my findings. Maybe there’s a better way to approach the task. Maybe things are great as is. I’m just not sure yet and I want to review.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you some of the great things I’ve learned so far from the Hooked Together project:

  • There are far more crochet blogs than I ever knew. I really thought that with my original list of more than 200 crochet and yarn blogs I probably knew most of the crochet blogs out there. Wrong. Every single week I find a new crochet blog because of this project. I love it. I’m so proud of our crochet blogging community!
  • There are a lot of niche crochet blogs. I knew that there were a few blogs that focused on a specific type of crochet but I’ve been surprised to find the great number of crochet blogs that focus on a specific topic only like just fashion crochet or just thread crochet.
  • Crochet lovers are often multi-craftual. Although I’ve found a lot of crochet only blogs, this project has also helped me to discover a diverse range of multi-craftual blogs from people who crochet as well as do many other types of crafting. Love it!
  • Crochet bloggers have tons of diverse interests. Of course, I knew this, but now my research has confirmed it. The non-crochet blogs that crochet bloggers are linking to include everything from travel to historical fiction, farm life to party planning. It’s terrific. I love showing this in print because it truly helps to break stereotypes about who crochets.
  • The crochet community is even more supportive than I thought. I knew that this was a generous and supportive community but I’ve really seen that in action. So many bloggers are recognizing other bloggers on their blogs. And I’ve also received a lot of support for this project and some of my other recent endeavors on the blog. It’s terrific.
So those are some of the maybe-obvious-but-nonetheless-interesting things I’m learning and confirming as I do this fun project. I hope you’re enjoying following along!
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