This Week’s Crochet Link Love


These are the posts I thought were don’t-miss posts from the world of crochet blogging this week:

  • Crocheted Bacon. I just have to give some love to @CrochetLibFront for having the creative impetus to actually crochet bacon, cook it up and share it on the blog. Totally awesome.
  • Inside Crochet Issue 25 Roundup. Lovely crochet eye candy in this photo phost. By the way, I’ll be doing a full post about it next week but a heads up that voting is now open for the Inside Crochet favourite craft blog award and Crochet Concupiscence has been nominated so go vote if you like the blog!
  • How to Make a Non-Slip Crochet Sole. Smart and fun tutorial from @monpetitviolon.
  • Crochet Thrift Store Find. I just always love what Positively Crochet finds at the thrift store, like this week’s crochet mesh sweater.
  • Crossed Textured Premie Hat Pattern. Alli Crafts shares this crochet hat pattern and I love the thick texture of it!
  • Austentatious Crochet Sweater Pattern. @futuregirlcraft was allowed to share a pattern from this new crochet book with her readers and she was awesome enough to let her readers pick the pattern they wanted to see. Here it is.
  • Craftsy Teacher’s Roundup. @Lindamade has been teaching Craftsy crochet classes for about six months and shares what some of her students have to say as well as what they’ve made.
  • How to Wash Amigurumi. @freshstitches always has such great tips for us!
  • Little Christmas Socks. A lovely colorful holiday-ish pattern from Le Monde de Sucrette.
  • Easy Peasy Women’s Winter Hat Pattern. Crocheting The Day Away shared this pattern that would make for some great quick hats to give as gifts or donations this holiday season.
  • Crochet Lip Balm Pattern Holder. Great free pattern from @planetjune who says it’s designed to be easy on the hands even though it’s a small crochet item. Terrific! This week June also showed us how to reverse sc.
  • 3D Yarnbombing. Three photos of detailed yarnbombing. In particular, I love the last photo of yarn-y books.
Also some THANKS are in order to Anastacia Knits for featuring my guest post on 5 Health Benefits of Crochet.

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