Crochet Quote: Importance of Gauge

Today’s crochet quote comes from a post by Tracie Barrett last week on the importance of listing gauge when writing a crochet pattern. She makes some great points in this smart post.

“My fear is that there are new baby crocheters who will gravitate toward free patterns while they learn their skill, and then give up because things don’t work out. Maybe they crochet tightly and the fingerless gloves that should fit everyone end up fitting baby dolls only. Maybe they’re still pretty loose and that hat will fit two heads. And maybe they give up and walk away. That makes me sad. So please, take a few minutes if you’re writing a pattern and mark what your gauge is.”

On a scale of 1 – 10, how important is it to you that a crochet pattern lists the gauge?


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  1. For me, gauge is important for only certain items – a scarf…. no big deal. Sweaters – big deal!

  2. Being new to Crochet, knowing what the gauge should be is important. Even if only a scarf I will double check if Im close. Not getting the same yarn as whats called for or using a different hook makes a big difference.

    • @Rachel … I totally get why because I’ve certainly made things a dramatically wrong gauge but I didn’t actually even learn about gauge until about a year into crocheting!

  3. After a couple years of crocheting, having a gauge listed is more important now than when I started. Especially when substituting yarns (which I do a lot)! So I have to give it an 8 for any project type.

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