Bridge and Beyond Gets Hooked Together Part Two

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hookedtogether2 500x84 Bridge and Beyond Gets Hooked Together Part Two

Hooked Together is my huge crochet blog project. I go through a blog’s blogroll and check out all of the blogs they read. Then I report back here, sharing their links to crochet, craft and other blogs. In the end, I’m going to put all of this together into a big display so that we can all see how the crochet community is connected within itself and to the larger craft community. It’s a big undertaking but it is oh so much fun.

Last week I looked at the blogroll for Bridge and Beyond. This is a blogspot blog, though, so it also has a “blogs I follow” page and I wanted to look at that section as well so that’s what we’re looking at in this week’s edition of Hooked Together. I was pressed for time this week so I only got through half of the blogroll. I’ll be doing the other half next week in a part three that will wrap up this blog’s participation in Hooked Together.

Bridge and Beyond collects knit and crochet donations for homeless people in Ohio including people on the streets as well as women and children in domestic violence shelters. This site is run by Sandy who is @sandycrochet on Twitter and Sandy Mader Holladay on Facebook. Her personal crafty blog is Sandy’s Space.

Tier One Blogs

These blogs are on the blogroll but they’re also already in the big list of blogs I already read. Awesome.

Last Week’s Blogs

Some of the blogs on the “blogs I follow” list are naturally also the blogs on the blogroll of the home page so they were already looked at last week. Those blogs are:

  • Amy TinCan Random Craziness.
  • Big Hearts, Busy Hands.
  • Cake and Angels.
  • Crochet Princess.
  • Dandelion’s and Clover.
  • Danette’s Charity Crafting.
  • Ghost’s Yarn Tales.
  • Harvest Hill Farm.
  • Ignite to Write.
  • Karen’s Crocheted Garden of Colors.
  • Knitting by the Ocean.
  • Lil Knit of This and That.
  • My Crochet World, Etc.
  • Peggy and Jessie Crafting.

Hooked Together Blogs

These blogs are on the blogroll but they’ve already been linked to because they were on the blogroll in a previous Hooked Together post. Also awesome.

  • 52 Weeks, 52 Hats. A knitting blog that shares one hat per week. Hooked Together by A Surprise Every Time.
  • Affiniknitty. First Hooked Together by A Stash Addict’s Ramblings. @AstashAddict.
  • Accidental Knitter. Also Hooked Together by A Stash Addict.
  • Crafts from the Cwtch. Also Hooked Together by A Stash Addict.
  • Crafty Clare. Hooked Together by A Surprise Every Time.
  • Genki and Chips. Hooked Together by A Surprise Every Time.
  • I Knit, Therefore I Am. Also Hooked Together by A Stash Addict.
  • It Might be a Metaphor. Hooked Together by A Surprise Every Time.
  • Knit and Seek. Another One from a Surprise Every Time’s blogroll.
  • Knitting Adventure. Another One from a Surprise Every Time’s blogroll.

New-to-Me Crochet Blogs

  • Beth’s Crafty Cupboard. Crochet stuff from a contributor to Bridge and Beyond.
  • Hazel’s Crochet. I learned about this crochet blog from participating in Year of Projects.

Multi-Craftual Blogs Including Crochet

Non-Crochet Blogs

Out of Date Blogs

For the purposes of Hooked Together, a blog is considered out of date if it hasn’t had a post in the past couple of months.

  • All Things Remembered. Last post 2009.
  • Andi’s Gardening Experiments. Last post June.
  • Andrea’s Garden. Last post June.
  • Bags By Melanie. Last post July.
  • Blogging Circle. Last post 2010.
  • Blueberry Tea. Last post July.
  • Bountiful Babblings with Amy. Last post June.
  • Chaotic Cilla. Last post May.
  • Coming Back to Life. Last post June.
  • Cool Widgets. Last post April.
  • Crochet for the Homeless. Blog removed.
  • Crochet n Quilt. Last post August.
  • Environment Watch. Last post 2009.
  • From Huskies to Husbands. Recent post stating that the blog is on hold for now. Author is now blogging at Dairy Free Diva.
  • Gandma’s Crochet Life. Last post 2008.
  • Heart in Hand Project. Last post July but you can still donate knit and crochet squares to this charity.
  • Hooked And Purled. Last post May.
  • In, with and Beyond Pain. Last post 2009.
  • It’s My Space. Last Post 2010.
  • Itty’s Page. Last post March.
  • Just Flitting. Last post February.
  • Karen’s Krafts and Other Krap. Last post August.
  • Knit Pickers. Last post March.
  • Knits and Needles. Last post 2009.
  • Knitting Nonni. Last post June.
  • Krafty Keli. Last post August.

What did I find? Great mix of stuff here in this section of the blogroll exploration. I find a few new crochet and crafty blogs to follow. I was intrigued that the links that were previously on Hooked Together were all from the first couple of weeks of the project. Fun stuff.

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