Yarn Review: Happy Feet by Plymouth

This week’s yarn review is of Happy Feet by Plymouth Yarn Co. I picked up a skein of this at Grandma’s Spinning Wheel, a great yarn store in Tucson, during my early summer visit there. I actually used it almost right away but it was for a design that I’d submitted to a crochet book so I couldn’t spoil the surprise. Unfortunately, my design isn’t going to be in that book. That’s okay; I have plans to self-publish it. In the meantime, that frees me up to use the photos of the finished object so it’s a good time to do a review of the yarn!

The Basics of this Yarn

Happy Feet is a 4-ply fingering weight yarn spun in Peru. it is a 90% merino with 10% nylon yarn. This means that it’s super soft but it has a terrific little bounce to it that makes it easy to work with and cozy on the fingers. It comes in a skein of 50 grams, which is about 192 yards. I paid $6.50 for one skein. This yarn can be machine washed on a gentle cycle but should be laid flat to dry.

The Yarn Colorway

The yarn colorway that I chose is #10 which is a lovely combination of light and dark blue, olive green, plum, and indigo. What I really love is that some of the colors look muted without looking faded – a great effect. There are more than twenty different color options for this yarn including both solid colors and variegated colors. Here’s the color card from the Plymouth site:

The Way this Yarn Feels

This is a lovely soft yarn that feels like what it is – a good merino. What makes it have a nice little twist is that small percentage of nylon content. The nylon doesn’t affect the softness in any way but adds a bounce or suppleness to the finished product that I really like.

How I Used This Yarn

I used this yarn to make a cowl with a design that incorporates lots of different chains. It’s designed to be a decorative piece of neckwear although it does provide a little bit of warmth thanks to the great merino content in the wool. My design is a mixture of chain stitch and half double crochet stitch with some ribbing, all of which worked out well with this yarn. I liked the close-together stitches because of the way they created a lovely look with the colorway. I’d be interested in try some taller stitches to see how the color effect changes.

CONCLUSION: This is a yarn that I would use again. I am a fan of merino wool and really like the way the nylon adds some dimension to this one. Plus I loved the blends in the colorway.

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  1. Love your cowl – very interesting pattern. :)

  2. i’m using this yarn right now to work on a shawl design! I absolutely LOVE that cowl design, too!

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