World’s Largest Pink Scarf Display Opens Today

crochet cancer Worlds Largest Pink Scarf Display Opens Today

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and there are a lot of different crochet-related things to celebrate and honor that. One of them is the opening of a display that shows the world’s longest pink ribbon scarf, a scarf that is longer than half a mile and has been created with knit and crochet contributions from more than 100 different people.

Terri’s Tribute

The knit and crochet scarf was started as a project related to Terri’s Tribute. This is a scholarship fund for children of women lost to breast cancer.

Scarf Keeps Growing

The scarf was first started by three women in 2010. It has grown and grown through various contributions. Last October, it reached the half mile mark. Notably it is now longer than West Virginia’s New River Gorge Bridge, the world’s third longest arch bridge.

On Display and Still Growing

The scarf has been on display in many places. It is on display at Tamarack for the month of October, opening today. People in the area are welcome to come by and to add more crochet and knit donations to the piece to show their support for the cause. A scrapbook of notes travels with this crochet and knit scarf and people who can’t add a crochet contribution can choose to add a note instead.

Are you crocheting anything for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

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