Olek Caught Yarnbombing The Astor Place Cube

by Kathryn on October 4, 2011 · 1 comment

in Yarnbombing

Remember a little while back when Olek said that what she does isn’t yarnbombing? There’s certainly a case to be made for that since many of her works are public art works that she has permission to do. But some of her New York street crochet, such as this piece, is not approved by the city and therefore clearly falls under the definition of yarnbombing.

Learn more about this piece from The Gothamist.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Olek Caught Yarnbombing The Astor Place Cube

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  1. [...] Yarnbombing is kind of tough to define these days. Yarnbombing purists say that yarnbombing has to be something that is done without permission, in the style of graffiti art, and that this type of project is a public art display but it isn’t yarnbombing per se. Others refer to yarnbombing as more of this style of art – knit and crochet cozies on trees and racks in public spaces. What do you think – is this yarnbombing? [...]

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