Lots of New Crochet Bags for Year of Projects

yearofprojectspost6 500x11111 Lots of New Crochet Bags for Year of Projects

Two weeks ago I did a review of all of the crochet bags left in my list to work on. That re-inspired me to get going on my Year of Projects and so I’ve got a ton to show you this week. First, though, I wanted to let you know that if you didn’t see my post last week, I did a roundup linking to everyone’s Year of Projects and showing whether they are crochet, knit or knit + crochet projects.

Okay, let’s take a look at what I’ve been making in the past few weeks. As you’ll see, in some cases I stuck closely to the pattern that I’d planned to work on and in other instances my finished project looks nothing like the original.

Here we go:

Big Easy Red Bag

Here’s what the original looks like (pattern via CraftBits):

2e09 Lots of New Crochet Bags for Year of Projects

And here’s the one I crocheted:

crochet bag3 Lots of New Crochet Bags for Year of Projects

As you can see, I decided not to go with red. The pattern called for using nylon cord, doubled up with both strands held together, and working with an H hook. I chose to use a worsted weight blue yarn and to work with a G hook (mostly because I wanted to test out my new Clover SoftTouch hook, which I like well enough although I like my Boye hooks better). Other than that, I stuck to the pattern. It’s just single crochet, worked in the round without any slip stitches until the top three rows. I decided to go with a cord that’s a different color than the bag for some contrast. The bag is sturdy and durable and I like it but it’s kind of boring since it’s patternless and in monochromatic. If I worked it again, I’d probably do some color changes. Instead, I have those yellow squares from a project I frogged a couple of months ago so I’m thinking I’ll add one to each side (so far I just laid it on there for the photo). End result: I do like this bag.

Cute Reusable Crochet Gift Bag

Here’s the original, free crochet pattern from Fave Crafts:

Reusable gift bag Lots of New Crochet Bags for Year of Projects

Here are the two that I made:

crochet bags Lots of New Crochet Bags for Year of Projects

I made the pink and white one first. The pattern called for an H hook and I used an F hook so mine’s a little smaller than the original. Other than that, I worked the pattern exactly with the exception of adding an extra row of hdc on the top of the handle to strengthen the handle. I was using a pink and white yarn that worked itself nicely into natural stripes that I really liked. I enjoyed working the pattern and it was the first time I’d made handles like this so I wanted to try it again. I made a slightly smaller version in white, tan and black that I had trouble photographing but I really like how it turned out. I didn’t add any closure ribbon yet although I might do so eventually depending on what I use the bags for. End result: this is a crochet bag pattern that I would make again.

Granny’s Valentine Bag

Here’s what the original looks like, free crochet pattern from Ravelry:

8244 Lots of New Crochet Bags for Year of Projects

Here are the two that I ended up making:

crochet heart Lots of New Crochet Bags for Year of Projects

crochet11 Lots of New Crochet Bags for Year of Projects

As you can, I ended up with two bags that are totally different from the original although the pieces in mine are the same basic pieces in the original. First I made the granny circle bottom from the pattern. Then I made the two squares – a white granny square and a pink square with a heart center. I worked the pattern as called for with the exception of not doing any color changes in each piece. At that point, the pattern calls for putting the pieces together but I decided I actually liked the two square pieces together as a square bag, so I put those back to back and stitched them together using a colorful fun fur yarn that I had in my stash. That left me with the granny circle that I’d already made so I just made a small bag by adding some white yarn to that and creating a pink and white drawstring closure for the top. End result: I really love the square bag. I also think the original design is cool and may save it to work the correct way in the future.

Starling Handbag

This free crochet pattern comes from FutureGirlCraft. It’s for a great little tote bag that you can check out here. However, I ended up making something totally different after starting the pattern. I had misunderstood the directions and when I realized it, I decided to just continue with my own random design instead of starting over. FutureGirlCraft actually has videos showing how to make the bag so at some point I’m going to make this one for real. In the meantime, here’s the little drawstring bag that I made using the same pink and white yarn that I used to make the Cute Reusable Crochet Gift Bag:

crochet drawstring bag Lots of New Crochet Bags for Year of Projects

That Pouch Thing

Here’s what the original looked like, free pattern from Shala via Ravelry:

crochet dice bag 300x290 Lots of New Crochet Bags for Year of Projects

And here’s the one that I made:

crocheted Lots of New Crochet Bags for Year of Projects

As you can see, I followed the crochet pattern on this one almost to the letter, although I used a green and white self-striping yarn instead of a solid green yarn. I actually ended up really loving this pattern. It is made using a style I’d never done before, working around both sides of a foundation chain but turning the work each time and not joining the rounds. It’s made by making four different identical pieces and then stitching them together with single crochet (which is the brown part here). Something about working the pattern as well as the way that the final product comes together just really works for me. End result: I want to make some different sizes of this crochet bag and do some of my own variations on it.

So, like I said, I’ve been busy with my hooks! I hope you like some of the crochet bags I’ve made and I hope that you’re doing well on your stuff if you’re also working on Year of Projects.

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Lots of New Crochet Bags for Year of Projects

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