Link Love for Crochet Blogs

Another week has passed and that means that it’s time for a little bit more link love. Here are some of the crochet blog posts I was really digging this week …

  • USC Amigurumi Turtles. I adored checking out this custom order made by Comfort Creatures.
  • Living the Crochet Life. Maya from The Little Treasures did a lovely post that just really celebrated the passion of living a crochet rich life. It was also a guest post on Whip Up.
  • Anatomy of a Crochet Hook. @FreshStitches did a week of posts all about crochet hooks. Such great information here! I especially liked this one showing the different parts of a crochet hook and how they can be different across different brands.
  • How Long to Make a Scarf. A nice basic guide by Wheat Wrote What?!
  • The Journey of the Mystery Machine. This post on @CrochetLibFront had some great information for making a specific image into a crochet item.
  • Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch. Crocheting the Day Away started the week with this great basic tutorial post that has easy-to-understand photos. Other related posts followed it later in the week.
  • A New Approach to Teaching a Child to Crochet. Great idea from @stitchstory who wrote about it after using it spontaneously with her own daughter.
  • Originality and Fair Use. Amy from The Hook and I did a very thoughtful post on what this means when it comes to crochet designs and pattern publishing.
  • Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia. This new book has been on its blog tour and I especially liked the stop at Knitgrrl where some really thoughtful questions were asked about crochet as well as the work of being a designer and craft author.
  • SIBOL’s 100th blanket. Kudos to SIBOL for reaching 100 blanket donations (that’s 2500 donated squares!) for charity.

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  1. Again a list of reads I am going to enjoy thoroughly !
    Thank you for the link! I am honored!

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